About the Future Patient Blog

The Future Patient Blog is where you can find musings about the possibilities of patient-led and user-led healthcare by David Gilbert.

I am a former mental health service user with 30 years of experience as a patient and public engagement practitioner. I am also Patient Director, Sussex MSK Partnership (Central).

I believe that healthcare needs to change radically so that patients, carers, communities and citizens become partners for change.

Follow me on Twitter @DavidGilbert43

Find out more about the work I do at www.inhealthassociates.co.uk

I am also the author and developer of the Engagement Cycle that supports commissioners to undertake effective patient and public engagement http://www.engagementcycle.org

The posts you can find here are:

The Jewel Merchants – a parable for healthcare and what patients can bring

What’s Your Dog – Dealing with troubling times and how to avoid being ‘triggered’ by the events of 2016

A Few Poems from 2016 

A Touch On The Arm – returning to work after mental health problems

How To Be Unhappy – and managing your own self-expectations

The Makers of Bethlem – Words from the Victorian Asylum

If I Still Scream – Three Reasons Why Trumpism Hurts 

Let’s Talk About Power – Here Come The Patientistas

Once I Came This Way – Blog and Poems inspired by the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Beyond Bedlam’ exhibition

The Difficult Art Of Returning To Work After Mental Health Problems

Gazza’s Moment of Madness (And Mine) – a story that I hope helps a little to prevent more suicides

The Hedgehog – What Happens When Policy Making Is Driven By Fear (Also a critique of Secret Transformation Programmes… I mean ‘sustainable’)

Dear Friend – A Letter to Patient Leaders

Mr Robot – Musings On The Personal, Professional and The Political

Is It Worth It? Reflections After A Breakdown

Sometimes A Hill – Poems Written During Times Of Trouble

Say It: I Still Have Mental Health Problems

What If? Patients As Partners

Patient As Refugee https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/05/30/patient-as-refugee/

InThroughOut: Poems of Illness and Recovery

Stop Kicking The Cat – how patients can help change NHS Culture

The Imperfect Patient Director https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/05/15/my-imperfect-blog-how-to-be-a-good-enough-patient-director/

Blame It On The Wine – Daring to talk about the future of the NHS https://futurepatientblog.com/2015/12/04/blame-it-on-the-wine-daring-to-talk-about-the-future-of-the-nhs/

Junior Doctors and the Dishwasher Dispute https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/04/28/586/

Getting Serious: How a Patient Director can help focus the NHS on what matters to patients

Good Death. Bad Death: What my mum and dad’s deaths revealed about inequalities

So Good. So Good. So…: My psychiatric in-patient experience (in poetry)

Being Weird: The Plight of Patient Leaders

The Letter: How a Patient Director can help integration

In Through Out – my mental health poetry journey

Being Valued: What I learned during my first week as a Patient Director

The Patient’s Dozen – What Matters to Patients and Carers

Patient as Hero

Paying the Price: The Emotional Labour of Patient Leadership

Seven Things that Patients Bring: The Benefits of Patients as Partners for Change https://futurepatientblog.com/2015/03/22/seven-things-that-patients-bring-the-benefits-of-patients-as-partners-for-change/

I Should Co-Co: time for patients to say no

No More Eddies: Hitting suicide targets and missing the point?

Beyond Us and Them: The role of patients in governance and improvement

The Engagement Industry: Lots of activity with little impact

Just in Case: Patient-led solutions to A&E problems

Poetry and Healthcare: The meeting of two worlds

Patients as Pus: Why the process of discharge needs to change

The Rep Trap: The Catch 22 of being a patient representative

We Are All Patients: Yes and no

Thank you Mandy et al: How small acts of kindness from non-clinical staff helped me recover from mental health problems

Patients and Data: Changing roles and relationships

No More Lazy Thinking: Let’s get clear on the benefits of patients as partners

Ideas from Patients: How patient-led innovation could work

The Future Patient: A manifesto for patient-led health and healthcare

If you go to futurepatientblog.com you can scroll down all articles.

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