About the Future Patient Blog

The Future Patient Blog is where you can find musings about the possibilities of patient-led and user-led healthcare by David Gilbert.

I am a mental health service user with 30 years of experience as a patient and public engagement practitioner. I am also Patient Director, Sussex MSK Partnership (Central).

I believe that healthcare needs to change radically so that patients, carers, communities and citizens become partners for change.

Follow me on Twitter @DavidGilbert43

Find out more about the work I do at www.inhealthassociates.co.uk

I am also the author and developer of the Engagement Cycle that supports commissioners to undertake effective patient and public engagement http://www.engagementcycle.org

I am a poet and Writer In Residence at The Bethlem Gallery. My new collection of poems, ‘Elephants. Fragile.’ will be published in January 2018 by Cinnamon Press

The posts you can find here are:

The Broken Compass – personal reflections on control, meaning and choice in mental health 

FAQu – some answers that patient partners can use when they get asked the same old questions

The Jewel Merchants – a parable for healthcare and what patients can bring

What’s Your Dog – Dealing with troubling times and how to avoid being ‘triggered’ by the events of 2016

A Few Poems from 2016 

A Touch On The Arm – returning to work after mental health problems

How To Be Unhappy – and managing your own self-expectations

The Makers of Bethlem – Words from the Victorian Asylum

If I Still Scream – Three Reasons Why Trumpism Hurts 

Let’s Talk About Power – Here Come The Patientistas

Once I Came This Way – Blog and Poems inspired by the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Beyond Bedlam’ exhibition

The Difficult Art Of Returning To Work After Mental Health Problems

Gazza’s Moment of Madness (And Mine) – a story that I hope helps a little to prevent more suicides

The Hedgehog – What Happens When Policy Making Is Driven By Fear (Also a critique of Secret Transformation Programmes… I mean ‘sustainable’)

Dear Friend – A Letter to Patient Leaders

Mr Robot – Musings On The Personal, Professional and The Political

Is It Worth It? Reflections After A Breakdown

Sometimes A Hill – Poems Written During Times Of Trouble

Say It: I Still Have Mental Health Problems

What If? Patients As Partners

Patient As Refugee https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/05/30/patient-as-refugee/

InThroughOut: Poems of Illness and Recovery

Stop Kicking The Cat – how patients can help change NHS Culture

The Imperfect Patient Director https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/05/15/my-imperfect-blog-how-to-be-a-good-enough-patient-director/

Blame It On The Wine – Daring to talk about the future of the NHS https://futurepatientblog.com/2015/12/04/blame-it-on-the-wine-daring-to-talk-about-the-future-of-the-nhs/

Junior Doctors and the Dishwasher Dispute https://futurepatientblog.com/2016/04/28/586/

Getting Serious: How a Patient Director can help focus the NHS on what matters to patients

Good Death. Bad Death: What my mum and dad’s deaths revealed about inequalities

So Good. So Good. So…: My psychiatric in-patient experience (in poetry)

Being Weird: The Plight of Patient Leaders

The Letter: How a Patient Director can help integration

In Through Out – my mental health poetry journey

Being Valued: What I learned during my first week as a Patient Director

The Patient’s Dozen – What Matters to Patients and Carers

Patient as Hero

Paying the Price: The Emotional Labour of Patient Leadership

Seven Things that Patients Bring: The Benefits of Patients as Partners for Change https://futurepatientblog.com/2015/03/22/seven-things-that-patients-bring-the-benefits-of-patients-as-partners-for-change/

I Should Co-Co: time for patients to say no

No More Eddies: Hitting suicide targets and missing the point?

Beyond Us and Them: The role of patients in governance and improvement

The Engagement Industry: Lots of activity with little impact

Just in Case: Patient-led solutions to A&E problems

Poetry and Healthcare: The meeting of two worlds

Patients as Pus: Why the process of discharge needs to change

The Rep Trap: The Catch 22 of being a patient representative

We Are All Patients: Yes and no

Thank you Mandy et al: How small acts of kindness from non-clinical staff helped me recover from mental health problems

Patients and Data: Changing roles and relationships

No More Lazy Thinking: Let’s get clear on the benefits of patients as partners

Ideas from Patients: How patient-led innovation could work

The Future Patient: A manifesto for patient-led health and healthcare

If you go to futurepatientblog.com you can scroll down all articles.


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